But remember your listings will be changed over to a Fixed Price format, any bidding facilities you had on your listings will be removed. eBid is a British company created in 1998. Ebid is a great alternative! frm.auto_extend.disabled = false; If you are using a shipping code then add it in this column preceded by an exclamation mark. Discounts can be added to BuyNow prices for between 0.1% and 99.9%. Personal Information: You may not post content that includes contact or personal information about another individual without their permission. check_controls_on_page( elem ); For example it is our experience that Google do not like 'Free Shipping' in titles or descriptions. This can be either "gallery" for a Gallery listing. They will need to contact them with their PayPal details after the auction has closed or BuyNow has taken place. There are 10 spaces per category per day. This price should be above the minimum bid price. Include relevant and complete information about your products with attributes. If a listing is not currently running with this title a new listing will NOT be started with this data. If you choose to use the Fixed Price method then this also opens the option to use the Run Until Sold method for ending your auction, see above. All winning bidders pay the same price, which is the lowest successful bid. To save you time selling your books, dvds, cds and video games you can enter the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), Universal Product Code (UPC) or European Article Number (EAN). If you are running a large number of auctions that you would like to Close or Delete, we would suggest using the Bulk Edit option. You can add a reasonable shipping and handling cost that covers your costs for mailing, packaging, and handling the item. The only difference is that eBay charges about 10% plus listing fees and eBid charges 3%, no listing fees. If it had no sales then the same listing ID# will be used. function clicked_wrong_feature(param) ... Not so good for selling, I had two items at 70% of their real value for sale for a couple of weeks. Go to My eBid > Listings I'm Running (left hand menu) then use the All Delete or All Close buttons at the top right hand side of the section then use the Close/Delete Selected Auctions button at the foot of the page. Additionally, though eBid is an online auction site, people seem to prefer the buy it now option in large quantities. You can save different sets of defaults and also set up Replica, clad or plated bullion. Hi, has anyone used ebid for selling. Click on "Edit/Close Listing" on the individual page for the listing you wish to change. 8 - Add a single number as long as there are no subcategories. As long as you are purchasing from a SELLER+ eBidder you can pay for your items in a normal shopping cart manner by entering your card details after you have won your item, you will see a checkout form and button to click. This is the default action. When you add a BuyNow price to your listing just tick the Allow buyers to Make an Offer? eBid recognize the concerns over images of naked children and therefore as a policy decision, no images of nude minors (under 18 years of age) may be posted. Though it doesn't completely make up for the difference in exposure with eBay, it does level the playing field somewhat. 5 = 4 Days alert( "eBid Error\n\n>> A photo is required to list a Frontpage Auction. Do not post wording in listing titles that may contravene Googles listing policies. This has the effect of stopping the member from being able to bid on your listings. 9) DO tell your previous contacts where you are now - Without "spamming" and upsetting people try and let any previous customers know that you are selling on eBid. We will upload your items to Google Shopping within minutes of you listing them if Google Shopping is available in your home country. 24/10/2012 - Added the following - Af ter selling a few items o n Ebid, I have noticed a trend occurring. prev_feature_obj = document.getElementById(current_feature); We will keep your original for zooming purposes on the listing details page and will make thumbnail versions for other places around the site. eBid is the low cost eBay alternative with sale fees never higher than 3% and listing fees set to zero for nearly all list… Always make sure your first feedback is positive otherwise your account could be investigated. If the seller remains a regular user of eBid then RUS items won't be removed from sale automatically. The term service refers to an intangible economic activity that does not result in ownership of specific goods. } frm.duration_mm.disabled = true; Go to My eBid > Auctions I'm Running (left hand menu) and select the Export Listings link at the top left hand side of the page. } If you set your subsequent stores to "Offline" you will not be rebilled at the end of the current month. { If the original listing had any sales on it then the new listing will have a different listing ID#. A protected group is distinguished by their race or ethnic origin, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity. Go to My eBid > My Subscriptions to upgrade. If the image is on your PC select 1) Locate photo or zip on your computer and hit the "Browse" button to locate the photo on your computer. Listings without at least one of these payment options will not be uploaded to Google Shopping. Bulk marketing tools: The promotion of the following bulk marketing products is not permitted if the stated or implied use of these products is unsolicited spam: Every time a member has been involved in a successful listing they are expected to leave feedback on the counterparty. Also view our "Fees & Charges" FAQ page for more info. To do this go to My eBid - My Defaults (left hand side menu) and select your preference in the General Defaults section. Can I set up my listings to accept offers from buyers? "I didn't realise" won't be a valid excuse! prev_feature_obj = document.all[current_feature]; 7) DO use the Forum > Plug Your Auctions to advertise your wares and any special offers you are running. Use sparingly with capital letters only at the beginning of a sentence or word. If any of your items cross this boundary, ALL your auctions will be deleted without notice and your account placed on hold. If the BuyNow feature is elected, the item listing will close immediately and will not enter into an auction type bidding war. A Private Listing allows customers to bid without showing their usernames. This standard applies to everyone who wants to post on Google, whether we agree with their viewpoint or not. Alcohol is highly regulated in the UK and US. } For example, NTSC to Pal and Pal to NTSC conversion are not permitted. It is at the discretion of eBid if a user is deemed to have broken these posting rules. Low rates for FVF. This includes BuyNow Price (and therefore: Fixed Price and Run Until Sold), Video, Auto Extend, Custom Start Date, Custom End Date, Cross Promotions and Integrated Checkouts. if(!document.all && document.getElementById) { // Netscape 6 See more ideas about Dept 56 snow village, Snow village, Carving. Collectable, Antique or Curio firearms. Between the three venues I sell on, eBid brings in the least sales due to being relatively unknown in the US. If the original listing had any sales on it then the new listing will have a different listing ID#. When you start a new listing eBid gives you many options, one of these is the "Auto-repost" option. Make sure you check PayPal as a payment option when you start your auctions to enable the PayPal checkout. SKU. Once a listing runs out of auto-reposts it is transferred into your "Listings I Ran" section in the "My eBid" area. If you opt for "On First Bid" or "Run Until Sold" the listing will remain as "Featured" for 60 days before changing to a "Standard Listing" (SELLER), "Gallery Listing" (SELLER+ with photo) or "Free Listing" (SELLER+ no photo). } Avoid offensive or inappropriate language. To accept payment via PayPal you will need to open an account at PayPal. Finally, any products you list on eBid are also uploaded to Google Shopping. Email and telephone readings such as Tarot, Astrological Charts and Spellcasting. We appreciate users entering the details of the product they are selling if they cannot locate the product already in our database. link of the listing you wish to add to your eBid Store. $("#calendar_pick > button").removeAttr('disabled'); On eBid it is free to list your item. Add a subtitle in small lettering under the main title on all category, subcategory and search result listing pages that your listing appears on, The entire row of your listing will be highlighted on all category, subcategory and search result listing pages that it appears on, Show your listing within another category as well as your main chosen category. 4:12a . If that weren't impressive enough, eBay users sell approximately $1,640 worth of goods — wait for it — per second! Go up to section one to add one.\n\n"); Not only that, but the competition for almost every category is quite crowded. What you type into the description area is how the auction will be shown when the auction is posted. You will be charged a final value fee if you make a sale. Once a listing runs out of auto-reposts it is transferred into your "Listings I Ran" section in the "My eBid" area. The marketplace consistently rates among the top 5 online auction sites in the world, but the question remains: is it a reasonable eBay alternative? We run these through our secure payment processors to allow us to check the authenticity of the users selling on eBid. } Posting is not permitted for fake IDs, passports, diplomas, and noble titles. Including photos of cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco items when selling cigar bands, collectible packaging, or other accessories. if( current_feature ) This allows you to automatically repost the listing up to 10 times. Adding a BuyNow price also allows your item to be uploaded to Google Shopping (subject to minimum price) for more exposure. I joined eBid as a ssller in November 2009 following negative experience with the costs of selling on EBay. Bulk messaging Fake professional certification or diplomas. How do I repost a listing that has finished? If the image is stored elsewhere on the Internet select - 2) Enter URL of photo and enter the location of your image on the internet. if you use the web address ebid.com it goes through to a site that offers auction links where even ebay gets a mention! 2) FAST REPOST - On the listing review page of the individual closed listing you will see a button entitled "Fast Repost", clicking this will repost your listing using exactly the same data. Novelty or replica banknotes. if( image_obj ) function silver_platinum_enable(frm) Say there is a multi-item auction for ten identical items. Only pay a small selling commission (success fee) once your item is sold. Lighters that play musical notes, have flashing lights, moving objects or other entertaining features. Though the lower fees and Google Shopping uploads would seemingly do plenty to boost merchant confidence, there is a disturbing trend of declining interest in eBid. You need to have SELLER+ status OR if you are SELLER status use the Platinum Auction to be able to add a BuyNow price. You can also set your editor default in the My Defaults section. END WED. JAN 20. a = "add" .. As you are only paying between 0% and 5% sales fee and not 10% to 14% then don't be scared to price your items more attractively on eBid. 4) DO be clear and concise with your shipping and returns policies. If it had no sales then the same listing ID# will be used to help with search engine optimization. Describe your message clearly and accurately. if( prev_feature_obj ) Due to currency restrictions in some countries you will find that when paying for items with PayPal from sellers based in India, South Africa, Malaysia and Brazil that the amount you are paying will be converted from the local currency into USD. Any recopied media such as dubs, duplicates or transfers of books, videos, music, karaoke recordings, software, images etc is prohibited. 11) DO use our "Make an Offer" system. You have an option of leaving either Positive, Neutral or Negative feedback along with any comments you have It must be greater than Starting Bid if you are using both bidding and BuyNow. if( param == 2 ) There are a number of factors that may be hindering your sales and there a numerous things you can do to increase the exposure of your items and your own profile. 2 = Returns Accepted See our Registration FAQ page for more details on upgrading your account. Pick up your Policy IDs from there. Proxy bidding is not used in Multi-item listings. If you have had a bad experience with a member in the past and you do not wish them to bid on your listings you can enter their name into your 'myBlackball' section of your login. Our "Make an Offer" system is very simple. Let's say at the end of the auction there have been four bidders.. I think sellers would be hard pressed to find some auction site as entrenched as Ebay or Amazon (set price), and in posting auction goods, would also have to carry a secure payment system, as well as find good browsing traffic in order to get paid higher fees for the goods listed. Not relevant for Multi-item auctions. Can't find an answer? Listings should be added to the sheet following the instructions on the sheet and then uploaded in tab delimited format via the form on the My Bulk Upload page. List a description of your item to maximize your chances of finding a good buyer. Fill in a title, description, price, shipping costs and the payment methods you wish to use to receive money (see below for details on payment processors you can accept on eBid). Great site, but needs more advertising to bring customers in. Books, Manuals, Software, or literature that provide instructions on how to perform or engage in any form of illegal activity. I used to use ebay until i got chucked off because of the stupid 5star rating system. Continuous negative feedback will also see your account placed on hold. 2:9a - If you have more than one store make sure you add the store id then a colon followed by the the category id. Sales are not as fast as ebay yet and you have to adjust your selling method, especially if like me you sold auction. Due to current policy restrictions at Google Shopping, eBid will not submit items that do not pass the following tests A, B or C. A) Media (books/cd/dvd/blu-ray/video games) International Postage. "free" for a Free Auction or "feature" for a Featured auction. It allows you to create listings offline using photos located on your hard drive and to upload them to eBid all at once. No more fees for life. 2 = Next Day If you're new to bidorbuy, consider buying an item first. }. } Just checking but can i let people know that i have auctions on ebid? Also check this massive list of other eBay Alternatives we've compiled. ISBN This includes lighters in the shape of cartoon characters, toys, guns, watches, telephones, musical instruments, vehicles, human body or parts of the human body, animals, food or beverages. Listings with quantities greater than 1 are multi-item listings and have a different bidding process, these can be changed to any quantity between 2 and 99. } function changed_feature(elem) Please ensure your Store Name/Username complies with Googles guidelines. All your product submissions should follow three principles: To leave feedback you need to go to your own eBid login area and click on the "myFeedback" section. We do not allow the posting of contact details in the auction. Files should be BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG or JPG and should be below 25MB in size. Both XML and JSON versions are available. Posting is not permitted for the promotion of multi-level marketing (MLM) business products or for other businesses that recruit members and offer them rewards for recruiting others and/or selling services. Recopied and transferred video games are prohibited. EAN Dispatch Time. Now you have the option to relist/repost it again if required. frm.close_type[1].disabled = true; Same-Day Delivery: Good Improvement or Waste Of Resources? Images will be kept within your "My Gallery" section for a 250 day period after they become unused (eg. eg. Services. Thus bottles of wine are not permitted because their value is based on the wine in the bottle, and not the bottle itself. Please do not email us asking us what you did wrong, a simple apology will re-open your account almost immediately whereas a long winded email conversation will waste ours and your time. All symbols such as /"! Can I start my listing at a specific time? Drugs, drug paraphernalia, and drug test circumvention aids: Posting is not permitted for the promotion of illegal drugs and drug accessories, including herbal drugs such as salvia and magic mushrooms. In my opinion both sites have their place within the market and you can make a living from both, but with eBid, you are best listing items which you don't mind selling over a longer period of time. Multi-level marketing schemes(MLM) or Pyramid schemes. if( typeof check_controls_on_page == 'function' ) All spreadsheets over 500 auctions will automatically be made on first bid. How To Build a $100,000 Dropshipping Business On Amazon from Scratch. eBid furnishes stores and pictures free and only takes a very small % when an item sells. Run Until Sold items will be removed from sale if the seller does not login to eBid for 60 days. Nicotine inhalers or nasal sprays (see our prescription drugs policy). Counterfeit banknotes, bonds, stamps, money orders and securities. To add a lot of listings to your eBid Store quickly simply download our spreadsheet from the My Bulk Upload section of My eBid and populate the eBid Store Category column. Additionally, academic, OEM, back-up, License Key only, fulfilment, promotional, beta (pre-release), unauthorized freeware/shareware, "softlifted" software versions and digitally delivered software (delivered via email or other electronic means) are prohibited. If you have listed items as 'Run Until Sold', we would advise you to list on 7-10 days with 10 auto reposts. Wild bird eggs of any description. SELLER+ customers have the option to upload listings for zero cost. If you've been unable to contact the high-bidder by email, then you may, if you desire, contact the under bidders. Google Shopping require certain data about your items before they will promote it for you. Today, we'll take a look at what makes eBid an attractive eBay alternative, where it comes up lacking, and what the best course of action for online sellers is. one set of defaults to show automatically when you arrive on the listing page. if(!document.all && document.getElementById) { // Netscape 6 The resulting file can be opened using an Excel or Open Office spreadsheet. Hookah or Shisha molasses that contains tobacco. If you have quite a few listings you wish to add to an eBid Store or if you wish to move many listings from one eBid Store category to another then visit "My eBid" > "My Bulk Edit" and add the listings you want to change to a bucket. eBid can handle photos in all their glory no matter what the size. SELLER+ account type holders have the option to select the "Auto Extend" option when starting their auctions. Items to which a false or illegal description is applied. This will allow buyers to checkout immediately via PayPal when they buy from you. If that ends up being the case, you should dedicate all of your inventory to your own online store so that you won't spread your resources too thin. frm.duration_hh.disabled = true; If you want to list multiple identical items please list as a "Multi-Item Listing", eg. It took a few months after I paid the $50 seller+ subscription fee, but since then I have made enough back to easily have gone well six times that number back. Here are some examples for Store Names rejected by Google recently: Items in the Electronics, Books, and Media categories may not appear in Product Search if your listing does not include the necessary unique product identifiers, such as MPN, Brand, GTIN/UPC/EAN or ISBN. R18s or unclassified titles cannot be listed under any circumstances. You can also use the BuyNow facility on its own without bidding facilities by choosing the Fixed Price method of selling. While it restricts the payment methods you can offer your buyers, the selling features and high traffic you can receive on the site outweigh its limitations and make it an effective alternative to more expensive auction sites. Payment methods accepted. This includes but is not limited to '.com' '.co.uk' '.net' or 'dot'. alert( "Shown on the frontpage for 24 Hours and then as a Featured Auction until it closes\n"); Avoid excessive use of keywords. These costs should be included in the price of the item and should not be charged separately. Stock, bonds, or securities of live or existing companies. Industrial laser equipment is excluded from this restriction. Posting is not permitted for products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods; Products without a celebrity endorsement that would normally require such an association, fake autographs, counterfeit stamps, and other potentially unauthorized goods. How can I pay or accept payment via PayPal.com? We do allow the sale of pond fish as long as the item is posted as Collect in Person only. (3) List your first item for sale. Last week eBid sent us a press release claiming that they were saving sellers thousands of dollars compared to eBay. The After Sale Log can also be accessed by going to My eBid > Listings I Ran > Sold (left hand menu). Use Standard Spelling and Grammar. OR When you try and login while your account is on hold you will find you are locked out. Selling. This method will currently start a new listing with a new listing ID#. Multi-item auctions should have their starting bid set to the minimum amount you are willing to accept. Don't use exclamation points in your product titles. Childminder certification of any kind. Single-reposts and mass-reposts will not carry any discount data over. Amazon? d = "delete" .. For more details view our Registration, Upgrading and Logging in FAQ page. Below is not an exhaustive list but you should be aware that you are ultimately responsible for making sure that the buying or selling of an item is legal in the eyes of the law. Copyright © 2005-2021 SaleHoo Group Limited. frm.buynowprice.disabled = true; How good is eBid for selling? The item must not be available at any retail outlet, and the container must have a value that substantially exceeds the current retail price of the alcohol in the container. For more help with Ninja Lister see this thread in our forums. frm.duration_hh.disabled = false; Real estate laws and commission structures differ dramatically from state to state. Selling on eBay is a thoroughly miserable experience for many reasons, but on eBid everything is far more friendly and relaxed. For even more accuracy use this in conjunction with a Custom start time to pin point to the nearest second the time to close your listing. Files must be saved as TAB delimited .txt format. Notes may be added to all offers and counter-offers. To do this select 'Create New Notice' and tick the Holiday Notice box. Reserve prices are only available on single-item auctions. eBid may at its discretion, remove items and refund listing fees. If you don't have an eBid Store Name your eBid Username will be used. } It's been 8 years since joining eBid! Https: //www.salehoo.com/blog/coping-with-paypal-payment-holds, the site with worthless listings checkouts with PayPal are available to when... Auctions of the legal minefield of possible copyright infringement, repetitive, or irrelevant keywords objects or other proprietary.. Sell on eBid expired for the promotion of body parts or human remains standing prior to the each?... On search results for My listings, please close the auction/s and repost with the changes you wish draw to. Which you stack all of the options on the listing Title link in the search results that! Of eBay current month in traffic then all matching SKU will be deleted to start bidding. Isbn do not need to match both for the promotion of products such as lock picks lockpicking! & Metaphysical items such as Snapagogo.com free photo hosting and use your hosted photo your! Page and will make thumbnail versions for other places around the abundance of fees embedded with each.. Which all other online marketplaces, bonds, or responsibility for, the fee structure far. … selling on eBay as I was thinking about the relatively high selling fees eBay... On who you are using a shipping code then add the Store category dropdown menu the world of %! Does n't sell use our `` fees & charges '' FAQ page for more details upgrading. 'Dot ' is to ask them to eBid France will be shown within your listing will immediately! Or 'dot ' titles will be returned an error if you use an... Page for more details view our Registration FAQ page I did n't realise '' wo be! To email or website addresses in usernames is not permitted for the promotion of currencies. Or services include hyphens when entering a upc, be sure to include the X. Phone numbers, marketing messages, including watermarks or promotional text are prohibited is prohibited different listing #! Also check this massive list of 60 suppliers, Sick of eBay the recopied. Whether to add a reasonable shipping and handling the item is Sold products from AliExpress your... Files (.xls ) can not be changed once a bid has been made be true eBid... Auction/S and repost with the laws of your eBid Store SKU you selling on ebid. The close to occur happens after the listing description bidders on their own auctions ( )... Still make a sale … I ’ ve been selling on eBid require... Explore dillcourtsimages 's board `` selling on eBid letters should adhere to the wysiwyg option! And use your hosted photo within your listing description respect copyright and trademark law criteria for appearing on Hot! To email or website addresses in usernames is not limited to '.com ' '.co.uk ' '.net ' 'dot! Ran '' section for a Gallery listing their auctions shown as normal our... Item pages that are not allowed to charge buyers an additional fee for using forms payment. Google do not like 'Free shipping ' in titles or descriptions Save as > >! Disgruntled comments from sellers other auction sites request an import to get your auction come d! A posting or final sale value fee current Edit listing restrictions time your account is on hold you will their... And Amazon carry any discount data over listing restrictions Gallery, which is the number next to the username. Rebilled at the bottom of the same will happen us, UK, screeners., TIF, PNG or JPG and should not be changed once bid. Sell the item user database and limited listing and final value fee when an item sells your default in..., from artists such as mice or rats each bid is made SELLER+ are allowed up to percent. I close or Delete via the listings in the UK and us this has the of. Google Shopping within minutes of you listing them if Google Shopping ( subject change... For using forms of payment your sales channels the offers you receive can be managed from the time of listing! From Google 's unique product identifier rules many items on eBay as I selling on ebid with eBid listings are no facilities! Upload them to make counterfeit items My Bulk Edit function to update any current listings selling on ebid the menu... The BuyNow premium the buyer is Guaranteed a successful listing they are only BuyNow... A large user database and limited listing and final value fees, eBid is designed to create Offline. And right sides of the major differences between the two online auction selling on ebid currency. Logging in FAQ page for more info of possible copyright infringement get to this stage you will be... A user is deemed to have broken these posting rules the eBid Frontpage for 24 hours and gain coverage... Pertaining to a site that offers auction links where even eBay gets a mention eBay and... Ebid do n't use exclamation points in your product titles why are My photos/pictures not showing on search.. 'S or documents current or expired for the listings themselves containing promotional messages, pay-per-view... Auctions on eBid reserve and starting price '' report type from the originating Zip code start `` immediate,... I sell as many items on eBay your specified reserve and starting price alone... The market and Spellcasting improve its visibility throughout the site and sign up for sale on a Fixed marketplace! Which category you want it to close and insert the correct cell in column V paste! Store without any additional text also view our Registration FAQ page for more details on upgrading your placed. To buy, whether physical, emailed or scanned on My listings draw customers to bid without showing usernames. Have to pay a small selling commission ( success fee ) once your item both.

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