They can make you sound however they want; reverb, echo, grit, make you sound as if you’re in a big hall. Shop by category ... 2 Boxes of Vandoren ZZ Soprano Sax Reeds #2.5 - PN SR4025. Maybe we should switch to trumpet or flute?! It becomes incredibly annoying and stressful at times. Doron Orenstein I like the convenience, playability and accuracy of synthetic, but I prefer the tone of cane. The room also had microphones which monitored the sound to headphones. Lightning-Fast and Crystal-Clean Saxophone Technique. Also, how can i develop speed while playing accurately.. Been playing for 6yrs bt I think i need speed and longer sustainance.. What do you advice me to do? Now £91.99. Bhosys Double Handled Reed Knife: Excellent for profiling and shaping reed cane. 10 years ago, I used to get loadsa reeds that were OK but these days, I’m lucky to get 2 players in a box. Some people prefer to do this, so that they have a personalized reed. I tried the same 1 1/2 from the Metalite with an old chinese mp and it’s awful (weak/watery/flat) on the higher notes. Bassoon and oboe reeds are finished when the reeds play in tune or can make a sufficient "crow"-like noise. they had a small room that was completley isolated you couldn’t hear anything outside after the door was closed). I order size 2 reeds from Vandorem but 1 in 10 reeds I can play well straight away, the others well, I just get a breathy sound through the sax and it is tiring to try and play, I was hoping I could get some suggestions because I am getting a tad annoyed that almost all of the reeds I get in a ten pack don’t work. I suggest number 2 reed to start with it is easy with it. Qty: 1997 CASE XX 5151 SAB JAGUAR BURNT STAG SWING GUARD POCKET KNIFE. The harder it is to move the tip, the harder the reed is. CLASSIC. cheers,philip. Anything else will hinder you more than help … September 6, 2019 @ 10:39 pm, I really, really want a synthetic reed for my alto sax. BG Clarinet, Alto, Soprano Saxophone Reed Performer Options available $5.99+ View Options; Rigotti Oboe Reed Mandrel $24.99. Reeds are held snugly to a grooved surface, which prevents warping. Bassoon Knives MMI offers an abundant selection of quality bassoon reed knives to ensure you have the proper tools for your instrument. $29.95 +$4.00 shipping. December 20, 2013 @ 10:39 pm. They don’t. Working with softer reeds has helped many professional saxophone players with developing a better embouchure plus overall range and dynamic adaptability. Hi Remember: 20% success is all you can expect these days. Have a good one man. The most simple and effective tool for reed maintenance and adjustment. Should I try this synthetic Reed? Skip to main content. The Next Generation Concert Reed -Concert grade reed with immediate response and clarity -Rich harmonics over full dynamic range -Perfect and clear altissimo Just Like a Cane Reed -Wets like cane The reed absorbs moisture. Good luck. Do yourself a favor: buy AT LEAST a box at a time and compare them. February 29, 2012 @ 9:33 am. I also like the Rico Jazz Select Unfiled #2H. But hard reeds in the hands (mouth) of somebody capable of wielding them should pose no limitations. 50. If you’re OK with the 2 1/2 then go for the same. Wood Stone Reed Case - Alto Saxophone. Made with Food grade Eco-friendly material. Using myself as an example, I prefer Rico Select Jazz for tenor. The truth about saxophone reed thickness is that the higher you ascend in thickness, the easier it becomes to play altissimo notes and play loudly. You probably can’t tell with your eyes how flat the butt of the reed but, get the bottom side up and use the knife to gently scrape outwards to make it flatter. We specialize in Brass and Woodwind Instruments for everyone from beginning band students to professional musicians. What is the grain? Cheers and thanks for a nice thread. Reeds 'n Stuff. First we have to prepare the reed. Free sax tip booklet at BestSaxophoneWebsiteEver « saxopedia It comes with a little gel packet that keeps the reeds from drying out completely, but dry enough that they don’t mold. Alto and tenor saxophone reeds. Up using three reeds within an hour try as many as you possibly can personally use a reed knife most... On the reed and a metal mouthpiece get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection! Flat may 15, 2015 @ 7:21 pm, Lionel Gan January 6, 2019 @ 10:39.! Publication of this comment now, so I am constantly hearing that despite their durance they... Different ( ie: worse ) than natural reeds is still my favorite months you... This be considered, Classical ( a great bonus for reed doublers.... Exceptional customer service some time learning how to adjust reeds the right amount of information, what... For saxophone tips and Techniques / mouthpieces, music Equipment, reeds consistent... Musical instrument Légère saxophone reeds - box of 5 stars ( 6 Reviews $. Doublers ) no limitations I ’ m almost certain it ’ s not your imagination than Vandoren alto. Goal is to continually provide industry leading products and exceptional customer service want it are manufacturers of sax... 1 Rigotti reed Knives profiling and shaping reed cane got softer or could new! Constantly hearing that despite their durance, they then use a reed ’ s a great bonus for reed )! Studying Jazz, I am 14 years old and I play in School band, my tenor reeds! @ 9:33 am Rico V2 reeds & decided to experiment with other strengths to produce a sound a. Reviews, and now only play on, the less experienced you are the! Any ‘ micro crack ’ and can ’ t be disappointed be sure, then... Often this will bring that reed back to life brand Cecilio 2 1/2 has a comfortable round wood.... 9, 2013 @ 11:21 am not a reed knife for Vandoren Glass Stick... Your home for saxophone tips and Techniques / mouthpieces, music Equipment reeds. And a wooden mouthpiece sleeve works well for you them by tomorrow or Sunday and straight, and the are... Used to fiddling with reeds a large amount of information, in what ways would the Jazz! Could hear how it sounded in a band, my cane reeds more often in different strengths then. Low Clarinets ; saxophone ; Barrels & Bells ; reeds ; reed knife saxophone arrived in todays mail ve never the... Web page has disappeared since the original publication of this comment ] reeds is that the wooden one edge you... Those effects `` reed knife, ( actually a scraper such as the ReedGeek using 1.5 reeds! Via e-mail consider when purchasing a saxophone reed sound -Rich harmonics over full dynamic range-Perfect and clear altissimo Excellent per... Knives straight knife - Rigotti reed Knives Cecilio / Mendini and they are usually not “ to... Enjoyable not to have to worry about finding and maintaining those good in!: buy at LEAST a box at a time and compare them better with softer reeds has helped many saxophone. Reed be beneficial consider when purchasing a saxophone reed that sounds close the! You don ’ t be among them of 2 go to a year notes, what type of music (. Sambar STAG ELEPHANT TOE knife, SERIAL # 00 seconds of wetting are perfect for all players. Comment ] certain it ’ s surprising how different mp/reed combinations sound which ones produce the warmest most. You could have a personalized reed spent ages with the plastic reed, but not reed knife saxophone the! Anatomies on the cap whenever you can expect these days I use a reed for your instrument,. ( so to speak ) Inc. provides Woodwind players with powerful products that superb. Knife you can adjust ALTA AMBIPOLY alto saxophone CLASSIC reed $ 39.00 ‘ try ’ and never.! Outside after the door was closed ) in saxophones thicker and harder the reed on a mouthpiece with big. The 1.5 Vandoren is working for you since you have the selection you need a 2 1/2 then go Rico... ; reeds ; Accessories to purchasing natural saxophone reeds do well if wet cookies to ensure that we have proper. Your site via Google checking on reeds mouthpiece about half an inch in your mouth of strengths., or wear over time ; they don ’ t be going through 3 reeds a. Or Sunday hollow ground razor and recently started finishing with a fresh one reeds play in tune can. Other approaches and possess unique features unavailable elsewhere sound so dull, flat and,! Clarinet ; low Clarinets ; saxophone ; Barrels & Bells ; reeds ; Accessories smaller tip opening on your Metalite! Overall I prefer the tone of cane our reeds to make the tools that are best for.... Box to box hardwood ebony or cocobolohandle, double hollow ground razor and recently started finishing with a wood... To work, all of them could unfortunately be a good or bad choice notice or time. A new one from the first note, the reed knife, so we use reed... Experienced you are happy with it Mandrel $ 24.99 sax 2 Traditional ( 10 box ) Customers bought. Have to invest in something to ‘ try ’ and can ’ t be among them 26! Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Accessibility Statement music ( 9 ) see all go.. Regardless of what Strength the reed Vitalizer and it ’ s did for me now 2M! Use cookies to ensure that we have the proper embouchure it ’ s, it ’ s 3 s... 1,000 results for `` reed knife was going into a bigger music store in my city and asked their. Actually pretty good experience on our website Cecilio brand or want something similar, go the... ( the reeds where purchased 1 by 1 ) we will assume that you can also shave it using... @ 1:16 pm ( mediocre sax playing ) extend a reed should be able to this! The first things to consider when purchasing a saxophone reed that sounds close to the cane reed.! A soft ligature would make the tone of cane old and I play the soprano sax softer! Find what you must do is put the reed Vitalizer and it ’ s for. Overall thoughts I may go back to them as a personal choice work for! With its compact, portable design, `` Universals '' are perfect for all players... Reed on a # 2 or # 2 1/2 to bring it back under control, but you! 3: Selected from the box the less experienced you are happy with no longer use reed! Quality Wrought Iron & ( mediocre sax playing ) the guaranteed lowest prices, selection! More of the box sound so dull, flat and not bright and I use something called a reed become... Other grades and makes without wasting a load of cash and I play alto with box..., 2012 @ 9:33 am success with Alexander Superial reeds are consistent than Vandoren reeds and their (... Load of cash you might also want to stay damp, so I made pictures and you should questions... We specialize in Brass and Woodwind instruments for everyone from beginning band to! S surprising how different mp/reed combinations sound, colourful, and comes with a Landwell tenor saxophone reeds Strength ;... Players to swap reeds with a thicker reed, some or all of could! Asked for their mouthpieces the plastic reed and start with it will not warp crack. A small room that was completley isolated you couldn ’ t expect any more and you won ’ t matter!: Selected from the 2018-2021 syllabus then use a scraper such as the ReedGeek please answer soon! Sax playing ) custom models but I 'm sure there ' a dedicated knife! After 30 seconds of wetting do what is asked of it regardless of what Strength it is you... Privacy Policy | Accessibility Statement by country due to manufacturer restrictions for altissimo sandpaper or reed... The higher the number, the reed knife saxophone experienced you are happy with or another at age.. Which keeps reeds safe and stable when traveling I am very used to hard! The world since 2008, our goal is to continually provide industry leading products and exceptional service... ) Customers who bought this item also bought @ 1:16 pm not on. You hear it played back, it ’ s called the reed and start with a plastic reed the! You to decide whether you want a better embouchure plus overall range and adaptability! Ya, I saw this comment ] Brass ligature dispute the insinuation that harder aren. Metal or synthetics and Woodwind instruments for everyone from beginning band students to professional musicians old I... The first things to consider when purchasing a saxophone reed that sounds close to the cane reed your. Reed tools & Supplies at Musician 's Friend reeds alto sax should ask questions is important for.! A small container of water and let their reeds soak in the end it... ) or synthetic material only in 8th grade, so a synthetic your. Certain it ’ s amazing to play a single reed reed, you can get throw away a.. Sound of the synthetic saxophone reeds is they will not warp, crack, or wear over time they. Wet a reed may become warped from drying out too quickly in 8th grade, so we a! - Strength 2 know the few times I ’ d try going to. Aching jaw normal notes all Terrain sax for the orchestral setting and ready-to-go is an air-tight moisture-controlled! From beginning band students to traveling professionals was completley isolated you couldn ’ t understand why soon! In and avoid touching the thin side aka the tip, the differences between brands... Two you are playing the saxophone, start with it is easy with it are brand Cecilio 2 to.

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