Official Art Fanart ... After most Fort Condor battles, the enemy leaves some kind of item behind for you on the battlefield, and you get back two hundred gil for each unit left alive. #? When I go to fort condor to do the mini game, it lets me start it without donating. New Threat Mod; User Info: Fade2black001. Only one fully-grown condor is ever seen in the game, nesting its egg atop Fort Condor. Can't move, can't make anything happen. I've been a huge fan of FF7 for a long time and have played it many, many times, as I'm sure a lot of you here have as well. Pour cela, rendez-vous à Nibelheim et pénétrez dans le manoir de la Shinra.Rejoignez le laboratoire au sous-sol afin de lancer la scène automatiquement. Author Topic: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94) (Read 2876613 times) Bowser9 . Tu ne fais pas les combats du Fort Condor? For instance, a notification will pop up when a new Fort Condor battle is available, AND an NPC will be nearby to take you straight back. If you halt this enemy attack, you will receive the Huge Materia. I'm in the Dark Cave and after beating Mirrage, my party exits Cloud and then just stand there looking at each other. In this episode we face a new boss to New Threat and it might just be the hardest boss yet! It took me like 20+ mins to kill my last boss. -) Elmyra's (Aerith adopted mothers) Flashback Skip: -) Added boss fight: turks in myrith mines: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94), Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.3), Quote from: Loseless on 2015-04-26 10:15:54, Quote from: Loseless on 2015-04-26 12:53:40, Quote from: Loseless on 2015-04-26 13:32:59,!S80n3JaZ!_s0qOI02C9o9Fhw5CgmHfslu3XN7EHMudXXnYfdbNEQ, I agree that before the fights where extremely difficult, and I can totally understand that you made this decision. So maybe this is more of an idea than speculation.....but I think it would be incredible if they made the Fort Condor minigame/sidequest battles identical to the regular turn based battle system of the original game. Condor is a species of giant birds in Final Fantasy VII. In a sence this is how I already saw the Northern Cave before you made it much easier. Then fight the battle. This section of the walkthrough pertains to Disc 2 when Cid ventures from North Corel to Fort Condor in search of the Huge Materia. You can pursue the Huge Materia at the Corel Reactor and Fort Condor in any order, but Barret seems pretty agitated and bent on protecting his hometown first. ff7 new threat materia locations Simply leave the controls and go ahead and pick your reward up. Grand Horn. Problem is, you can't swap Materia, etc. 3) Get the whistle, but don't use it. After the battle, the egg at the peak of the mountain will hatch. -Différents modes de difficultés alternative comme Le Hard Mod de Mexico pour un défi de taille et le New Threat Mod pour une nouvelle expérience de jeu mais aussi un mod de difficulté progressive par moi-même.-FF7.exe patché NM (avec nocd, limites des 9999 relevée a 30000 et course automatique). I hope your gonna change your mind about it in the future. 2 copies unmastered. Phoenix is a Summon Materia in Final Fantasy VII. Thanks goes to 4-8 Productions youtuber for pointing me here and to Sega Chief for creating this a nearly Masterpecie It is accessed after the player has ventured through the Mythril Mines. What's a guy with a green shirt doing at the entrance of Fort Condor? In this episode we face a new boss to New Threat and it might just be the hardest boss yet! Posts: 161; Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.3) « Reply #925 on: 2015-03-18 09:25:19 » @Proxy It is explained in the readme that you can steal 1 of 2 common items or a rare item from almost every enemy (at the cost of not getting an item drop in the results screen). Oh my god this is unbelievably helpful. Head for the lookout bunker and you'll discover Shinra is … Other FF7 Pages. There seems to be a random issue with battles in NT, randomly and rarely the game simply crashes after a battle (and even more rare before). Check out the Fort Condor side quest section for more information.. FF7 New Threat Mod - missables? Final Fantasy VII let's play by Lancer. I fear I will prolly die at that fight. This first part release covers Cloud and his friends journey up to passing the monstrous Midgar Zolom and crossing into the Fort Condor and Juno … It summons Phoenix, who performs Phoenix Flame, a unique attack, which first deals heavy Fire-elemental damage to all enemies, and then revives all fallen party members at full HP. You win the game by emptying the battlefield of all enemies, or by slaying the enemy commander. no comments yet. Apparament les récompense ont été modifiées Par contre un truc bizarre que j'ai remarqué, c'est que j'ai pas eu le même boss que toi à la plage de Junon, c'était un " Jorgumandr "16k hp quasiment plus chiant et fort xD, toi c'était un " Illuyankas " 10k hp 559 messages For those who don't know, Final Fantasy VII is a classic Japanese RPG. Party composition discussion. It's much appreciated~ Subscribe! Condor is a species of giant birds in Final Fantasy VII. Wait until Disc 3, and go to Bone Village to dig up a copy of Phoenix, then go to Fort Condor and pick up Phoenix. Some facts about the Fort Condor Missions: Aside from the final (mandatory) battle there, NONE of the prizes you get for winning the RTS mini-game are unique or limited. Yeah I'm of the opinion that tackling anything in the crater at level 40 is insanity with NT. The objective is to strategically place defensive units to prevent enemies from reaching the top of Fort Condor. I've given them the 30,000 Gil they can hold and I get to the battle screen but no matter what I do, even above the, "red limit line" I still can't place the troops, only get the selection wheel. FF VII. When I go to fort condor to do the mini game, it lets me start it without donating. There seems to be an issue with the Forgotten Capital area at the end of disc 1. Hi Guys, I just want to ask if i advance the main story without doing last previous few battle i still able to made it through 17 battles. There are 21 Fort Condor Battles, 15 of which you can fight in, 1 of which is mandatory. Just wanted to post that the New Threat mod is fantastic. Login with username, password and session length. A resistance group wants to protect the Condor because it's laying it's eggs. It's the way the game was programmed, not an NT thing (low level runs usually have to plan around it). If you wish to join the fight to save to condor and pick up some useful items in the process, head for the base of the mountain and talk to the sentry outside to gain access to the fort. The bastard won't even talk to me. when characters are unavailable which would make things a tad clunky. Glad you enjoyed them. I thought this might be due to some of the graphics mods that I have installed so I turned those off. This project replaces all enemies, main characters, main character weapons, NPC's, sound effects and videos/avatars/menus with HD upscaled assets. For the final Fort Condor battle, I decided to take on CMD. New Threat is a expansive gameplay mod for Final Fantasy VII. -Eventually a new mode for the game will be released when it's finished.-Tweaked and New Battle Square fights / prizes.-Any time a new Fort Condor battle is available, an NPC will appear wherever you at are in the story to let you instantly teleport to FC and back when you're done. You can find additional details about the side quest in the Fort Condor side quest section. I read somewhere in the thread that you intended to change the chocobo's levels to multiples of 5, but I sensed one near the farm and it was still at 16, hence my question. You can use the provided strategy to successfully win the battle. Oh man, a rush type mode for NT would be a blast! But when I make a donation, then it asks me to donate to the level of 4000 gil. The FC battles are repetitive and easy but the rewards are good. My friend is playing ff7 and came across fort condor, be said it's the slowest experience of his life. What's a guy with a green shirt doing at the entrance of Fort Condor? toggle menu. But when I make a donation, then it asks me to donate to the level of 4000 gil. Fort Condor Skip RTS mini game: An option to skip the RTS mini game and get to the boss fight right away would be nice, it could be scripted something like; Guy: 'would you like us to command the units or yourselves' Cloud: 'we'll command the troops, … Hit the like button if you enjoyed this video. I usually like to steal weapons and armor, as well as learning limit breaks with everyone. It doesn't look like it's going to redirect how I play the game. If the Shinra reach the shed, you'll have to engage them man to man, fighting the commander yourself. New Threat is a expansive gameplay mod for Final Fantasy VII. Fort Condor is the location for an optional side quest that you can partake in. It also rebalances the game to be much more challenging, which I enjoy since the original game is pretty easy in my opinion. Kinda screw if I missout. But I think you could find a middle way, there is no challange anymore and thats a shame. Hey guys, I'm currently at the end of disc 1 (almost), and the mod has been incredible for now. Materia #41: HP Up Materia Chapter 8 / Objective: Leaf House Delivery / Area: Sector 5 Slums Area (Center District) – Bought from Chadley after completing Battle Intel #6, #7, #8, #9. After you sleep and it turns to night time when you try to enter the giant seashell then continue the game soft locks, the screen goes black while changing fields and the music is still playing in the background but the new field never loads. The thing I´d really like was the challenge and this made it a bit to easy IMO.. Did you put the HP up again with the new update? Convenient additions. 5) Don't let the Buggy break. CMD.Grand Horn is a Final Fantasy VII enemy only fought in Fort Condor if the player loses the Condor War minigame.Losing to CMD.Grand Horn in battle does not prompt a Game Over; the party will be brought back to the field and the player may continue playing.. We're talking about the mod for the PC version of FF7 called New Threat, made by Sega Chief. The higher your level … « Last Edit: 2015-04-26 13:00:20 by Loseless » Logged Sega Chief. Anyone else having this bug or know how to fix it? Are we going to do all the Fort Condor battles? I have played NT on the 1.4 version but my HDD failed before reaching Fort Condor and let me tell you I was excited to know it's still getting love. 4) After getting the Buggy. Tout d'abord, Choco/Mog dispose d'une attaque « Gros Chocobo » plus puissante mais ayant seulement 6 % de chance de se déclencher.

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