In this article, I would like to present my progress with D3.js so far and show the basic usage of the library through the simple example of a bar chart. Stacked Charts. Compare The Best Javascript Chart Libraries Sicara S Blog Medium. While I do prefer using SVG when working with data visualization on the web, Chart.js is a popular option, so it’s worth checking out. You can Change type to “stackedArea”, “stackedArea100”, “stackedBar”, “stackedBar100”, “stackedColumn”, “stackedColumn100”. Hi, I have a horizontal stacked bar chart which looks like this: And I would like to display the sum of each stacked bar, like so: I managed to get this result by returning an empty string for datasets that are not the last one (datasetIndex), and computing the sum for each bar (dataIndex): Highcharts With Angular Js Custom Directive And Web Api Mukesh Kumar. XML: /echo/xml/. We’ll first need a reference to the element we wrote earlier. Scatter / Point Chart. Here is an example: We will now be providing the data as well as the configuration options that we … So another