Finish as the surface is setting up." You might be able to find waterproofing or insecticide solutions that can be applied directly to the rigid foam board. This stuff dries really fast and is really hard as rock when dry. Ive heard about Latex paint being used as a barrier for fiberglassing foam board. Available in: The Exterior Foam Coat applied in1/8" to 1/4" thick layers will be dry enough for subsequent layers in 6-12 hours, depending on how hot and dry the atmosphere is. Foam Coat, Exterior Size: 3 lbs. - Application Instructor - I tested it by applying it to my styrofoam then blasted it with a high pressure water hose (apx 20 feet from target) then for kicks I took a sand blaster (apx 30 feet from target) to it so I could see what weather would do. It’s important to use these finishes before you actually install the rigid foam board insulation, because you want to make sure you cover the entire area of foam board. As you can see… a wide variety of options are available to achieve the desired strength, thickness or thermal value enabling you to easily … ... Click to add item "1" Aged EPS Foam … Free Download! 7 Day 2500 psi Add strength and texture to your foam creations with Hot Wire Foam Factory Foam Coat. This stuff is super tough. One of the most difficult parts of coating foam is getting the first layer to leave the brush to go onto the foam, so yes, hopper-spraying at least the first coat on to give some 'tooth' to the next layer is a smart technique. WARNING: Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Use as a protective coating for EPS or polyurethane foam… Best to make the finish as needed while applying product. We, and many of our customers, have made boulders out of EPS foam, but each needs to be carved. And NO I do not work for this company. Can be applied with a standard spray hopper. View commercial projects built Exterior Foam Coat is applied over the foam shape. 1/16” thick 9 sq ft Make a choice: * $54.99 +-Add to cart. It can be troweled smooth, or brushed to make a super rough finish. Qty. EPSILON™ Series EPS Foam Coating Epoxy. Note that subsequent layers should not need Boost. Mix in a clean container with clean water. Has a rough stone feel when dry. Is clearly stated in their own product descrption. Use thinned mixture to texture large areas. This specially formulated, cement-like coating adheres to polystyrene foams, protecting and enhancing your projects. Has a rough stone feel when dry. SDS Document, - Technical Data Lightly fogging the surface on and off for 24 hours will increase strength. If you want a product that will give you a stable long lasting finished project this is what you need. Most exterior foam boards come with some kind of built-in protection. Thinning down a lot will weaken both of the coatings. Has a rough stone feel when dry. It does make the surface tough which is the high light to this product. Rock hard coating for all your outdoor (and indoor) foam projects.