Spread them out in a single layer. One word ~ HEAVEN! Try it! Add a bit of mustard into the mix and you can’t go wrong. I also threw in some carrots with mine and those were delicious as well…. Or at least look for another, more flavorful brand. I only had purple majesty potatoes that a friend gave me, but they worked fine and looked pretty. I thought this was a newer recipe for some reason, which is why there is not Jacob shot. Thanks! I miss the pink and red skinned potatoes I am used to back home. It was a big hit and very easy! These potatoes are totally great! I suppose mustard seeds can range in heat, however, so if you’re cautious about yours, you can dial it back a bit. It was still jaw-dropping good! Spray 2 large rimmed baking sheets with nonstick spray. (Yes, years. Made these last night for the second time. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. I’m Bailey. O!M!G! I made these the day before Thanksgiving to test out their holiday-menu worthiness. If your ghee is at room temperature it should be soft enough without being solid and that will do just fine. I knew I had to make these when I saw the post. https://paleoflourish.com/why-arent-potatoes-paleo/ I made this recipe using red potatoes. Way to go on finding an easy-to-make recipe! This sounds like an amazing combination. Thank you! Preparation is simple, just mix everything together, oven bake…, Instant Pot Cashew Chicken: Whole30, Paleo, 30 Minutes, Site by Melissa Rose Design & Once Coupled, Whole30 Roasted Delicata Squash, Sweet Potato and Cranberry (Paleo, GF Side Dish), Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes: Whole30, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free. Added a bit more lemon juice and had a laugh as my family tried to figure out the spices. As a life long vegetarian, mustard rarely finds its way into my cooking, simply because I was never exposed to it on soggy burgers as a child, but this makes me want to give it a try! These Whole30 mustard roasted potatoes take all of 5 minutes to whip together, starting first by combining the ghee and mustard mixture. it’s become a standard in my kitchen. Every time I have made them, I always crave more and am so sad when there are not any leftovers. I squeezed some lemon juice in there though as I don’t have a grater, and used gluten free mustard, but they still turned out super yummy. of regular dijon. Add the bacon, tossing it with the potatoes, during the last 15 minutes of cook time. I don’t make many sweet potatoes during the summer months and I’m not quite sure why because we love them. The whole grain mustard is indeed quite fun as it pops in your mouth…however, the mustard flavor definately mellowed through the roasting. They’re unforgettably good, and am going to make them this year for Christmas. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Quick and easy to mix up, especially since I already had all the ingredients in the house–perfect week night dish! These roasted Whole30 mustard potatoes are best reheated in the oven as leftovers, or repurposed into a breakfast hash, egg bake, or skillet dinner. I am sure you understand. This looks amazing, and I bet it would be great with, say, a big ol’ Turkey. I destroy eggs, steaks, salad dressings, and other simplistic faire that doesn’t SEEM screwifiable (is that a word? Aromatic, crispy, but not too sharp or salty. We added chopped up chicken andouille sausage, onion, and at the last five minutes green beans to make it a one dish dinner. Very creative and very delicious looking. I splashed some vermouth into the mixture, subbed thyme for the oregano, left out the zest and garlic, and tossed it all at the end with some minced parsley. I know I’ll be making them again, and not just for holidays. maybe even better than the potatoes. wow the look awesome . My potatoes are in the oven now and I’m already giddy. mustard seed dust on the cookie sheet after the 45 minute baking time. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. In fact, I want to try it next time with a mix of smooth and coarse mustards, to see if the smooth gives more of a coating. I have two potato loving boys and one potato loving husband. none left for breakfast tomorrow. I found this recipe through an RSS feed about a week before Thanksgiving. Still love em’! Very soft and fluffy on the inside. Current Paleo goddess. Just wanted to thank you for the recipe (: In the interest of prepping as much as possible in advance, I whipped up the sauce and stored it (covered) at room temp in the bowl, just waiting for the potato addition. really delicious – actually the cauliflower can take more of the sauce so it’s a pretty good addition to the dish. 2 cloves garlic chopped. Roast potatoes 20 minutes. Serving Size : 0.125 recipe. These look soooo good I wish I could have mustard :( and never made, despite knowing it would be nothing short of awesome and that my husband, who is a Dijon and also a roasted potato fanatic, would adore it. It was all super delicious. I made a recipe similar to this of Ina Garten’s a few weeks ago. Yes. Mmm mm. just thought I would post again (see above #165) to say a big thank you for this recipe. Tovah – so glad you posted. I think the majority of us are alike in this way… :) Maybe I can distract him with lemon roasted potatoes instead…. We are currently out of whole grain mustard – will try a half batch with Dijon just to get a feel for it and am putting whole grain mustard on the shopping list RIGHT NOW. Your email address will not be published. Omigod, Deb. They look scrumptious. I’m not a baker so while I do enjoy those posts, I look forward to the recipes that I can make! The ghee I use and prefer is also from Thrive Market. Sodium 1,588g. Spread potatoes in single layer. 1/2 cup whole grain Dijon mustard So thank you, really – you’ve really made it all seem far less harrowing than it seems, and maybe tonight I’ll surprise my loved ones with mustard potatoes and one of your (completely seductive) desserts! I’ve made these three times now, and they’re so good we always finish them all. Post navigation. I used a mixture of potatoes and turnips, and the lemony mustardy dressing made the turnips so much less bitter than usual. This Whole30 and paleo side dish takes just minutes to throw together for an easy weeknight dinner and are delicious enough to be a crowd pleaser at any holiday meal. Definitely a keeper. Made these for a dinner party. Let stand on baking sheets at room temperature. Ah, thanks! . we always have the ingredients at home so it’s my go to meal whenever I don’t know what to do for dinner and i want something comforting and delicious. This recipe for Honey Mustard Roasted Baby Potatoes is super easy, and mostly hands-off. If you ever wondered if this recipe would be good with cubed eggplant instead of potatoes, the answer is a loud “YES!”. Well, there’s always tomorrow night! Okay, I’m a late-comer to this blog, but I am making up for lost time by spending hours bouncing from recipe to recipe. D — I line the pan with foil to limit the dishes we have to do. Just wonderful! Makes 10 servings. It’s thick and chunky and less than $2. I added purple onion and roasted it with the potato! sign up for my newsletter and 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil we had the best roasted potatoes at breakfast this weekend, and it just made me want more. Both times it just seemed like the flavors died in the oven, and while there was a little flavor on the outside the centers were just plain ol’ potato, ugh. I just made this for dinner tonight. Even the BF, who does not like dijon or whole grain mustards, thoroughly enjoyed these. Is that you in the orange shirt in the reflection of the slotted spoon next to the fabulous potatoes? Out of oregano, so I used tarragon instead, and it was delicious! Two years ago: Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Cake, Mustard-Roasted Potatoes Whole grain Dijon is my favorite mustard. Deb, do you have a favorite whole grain mustard for this recipe? Soooooooooooooooooo good. These look so good! i love this recipe. Ooooohhhh. Roast until crusty and browned, stirring them every 15minutes. Thanks! Pre-heat the oven to 400 and get out a 9 x 13 baking dish. In a medium bowl, mix together honey, dijon mustard, olive oil, yellow curry powder, cayenne pepper and salt and pepper. Thank you for finally showing your husband that you love him! Looking forward to putting on an apron and spooning into your site! How does this food fit into your daily goals? I’m so there. Log Food. Roast potatoes 20 minutes. my girlfriend is making these this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m thinking eggplant would work, as would squash or zucchini. Crunchy, bright, sharp flavors and actually decently healthy. One small change, I parboiled the potatoes 5 minutes before mixing with the dressing – adds a very crispy little halo. (It’s why I have you dab the cutlets with some of the vinaigrette before heaping on the salad.) These look delicious and I love mustard! what if?? No, but I have found my passion for health, cooking and finally living like I mean it, all while dropping over 120 pounds naturally. Oh, man..those look so good! This may be my new favorite way to eat potatoes! I made these today and these are great! Thanks for this one, Deb. This Whole30 mustard roasted potatoes post may contain some links that are affiliate links, though products are ones I use personally and recommend. Ah, yesss… satisfying my love of mustard (have a grainy mustard coleslaw sitting in the fridge getting all coleslaw-y right now). Can’t wait to try this one! I will be eating them for supper tonight and enjoying them tomorrow with a poached egg! year!) Garlic, red onion, and fresh herbs: roasted carrots and sweet potatoes with garlic and sliced red onion, then top with fresh herbs like oregano; Maple and mustard: yes, roasting vegetables with a mixture of maple and mustard brings out a tangy and sweet flavor (try our Maple Mustard Roasted Brussels Sprouts!) Went so well with the salmon main and asparagus/morel side. You have the best potato recipes. These are the most satisfying potatoes I have ever had. Loved the grainy mustard and lemon — the potatoes were so flavorful and tender. I made two-thirds of this, so it should have been 6-7 servings, and we finished it clean with two adults and two 2-year-olds. Delicious! Thanks Deb! But seriously, it’s amazing that I can just cut up a potato and chuck it in the toaster oven and have it aaaallll to myself, mwhahahahahah! Would this recipe be good for sweet potatoes to make it paleo? 712 / 2,300g left. It’s amazing how many flavors you can combine with them to make something so simple, yet so unique. I’ve made these a few times already, so easy yet so good. I’ve made these twice now and they are so good and earn rave reviews. And I can take an idiot-proof box of brownie mix and turn it into a 9 x 13 inch pan of clumpy, oily revoltingness. 3 garlic cloves, minced and never made, despite knowing it would be nothing short of awesome and that my husband, who is a Dijon … I’m so glad to hear that!! I’m going to reheat the leftovers tomorrow morning and eat them with a poached egg. Yum! Oh boy, I think I might have to trick my husband (the mustard hater) into eating these, because I’m anxious to try them. i m making them next sunday :). I couldn’t live without it! They’re crispy (from the roasting) and crackly (from the whole mustard seeds that darken when roasted and snap in your mouth) and tart and tangy (from the lemon) and make fantastic leftovers (with a fried egg on top) and seriously, I have learned my lesson. I’m in love with this photo of the finished potatoes. <3. Not sure a lot of the stone ground mustard is whole30, so read the ingredients. Wouldn’t adding some onion to those potatoes be great? Easy to prep and prepare to travel with too. I think I might have to make these every week. Since time was short, I boiled the whole red potatoes for 10 minutes, and cubed them warm,tossed them in the sauce and baked for 25 minutes at 425. You do seem to have quite a different idea of serving size, though. Apr 28, 2012 - Mustard roasted potatoes by smitten kitchen. Thanks Deb! Roast potatoes … Divide potatoes between prepared baking sheets, leaving any excess mustard mixture behind in bowl. Mustard, herbs, and spices were added to the “Mustard Roasted Potatoes” recipe to offer a delicious flavor without providing the … I’m so excited to switch things up a bit for thanksgiving and have these potatoes instead of the usual mashed potatoe. The first photo had me hooked before I even saw the title. I’m almost proud of that one, to be honest – it was like achieving a new level of idiocy that had never been reached by twenty-something amateur cooks before! Spread potatoes in single layer. I just made roasted potatoes last night and I wish I would have had this recipe! i can’t wait to make them myself just to have the left overs with a fried egg!!! I have made and will make several of the recipes! Those look simply amazing, and I have bookmarked them hoping I do not make the same mistake you did. So I was wondering, what mustard brand did you use? I think they’ll be my contribution to Christmas dinner this year. Divide potatoes between prepared baking sheets, leaving any excess mustard mixture behind in bowl. I promised to send a link to the recipe, but I’m only slightly ashamed to say that I’m keeping it all to myself. I have made these 4 times! Her concern was about foil touching food, after all the bad press about aluminum and a possible Alzheimer’s connection. I actually wished people didn’t like them so much so I could have more left over to take home…. I can’t wait to try these. Divide potatoes between prepared baking sheets, leaving any excess mustard mixture behind in bowl. Loved them! These garlicky, herb and mustard roasted potatoes are baked to crispy perfection. You’ll never run out of things you want to cook! Just made these, I didn’t get the tangynes I was expecting, might try more lemon juice, otherwise turned out ok. Reading other readers comments it wasn’t just me that was a bit dissapointed, I’d been looking forward to making there all day. Love, love, love them! I made these for christmas last year and is pretty much been my go-to recipe ever since. https://robbwolf.com/2011/11/03/meat-potatoes-back-on-the-menu/ Anyway, I could not believe how delicious the aroma wafting from my oven was, and it was delicious. They gave off a bit of a weird smell, though, while they were baking. Yes!! :). or VERY constructive. I ate them all week and they will be made again. I serve them with your buttermilk dressing which I then mix with truffle oil…a little drizzle of that over these beautiful potatoes are pretty much irresistable. and never made, despite knowing it would be nothing short of awesome and that my husband, who is a Dijon … I can’t believe this popped up on the ” three years ago” list today! So thanks again. Where have they been all my life? Wild rice, deeply roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli and a miso-ginger-tahini dressing all piled into one bowl make this one of my favorite everyone-approved weeknight dinners -- use any kind of rice or combination of vegetables you've got; the dressing is the star. I have red potatoes, so this will be perfect to make again tonight. Do you have any suggestions? This recipe reminds me why I love mustard. Some mustard are more tangy than others. The first time I just sort of winged it, the second try I followed the recipe to the letter. Then mixed it all around in the pan. I was really concerned they’d taste burnt but they were lovely and delicious, w/ loads of crispy, zippy flavor. These are excellent! I paired them with smoked paprika pork chops and the combo was a hit! Thanks for the inspiration! Preheat oven to 400; Toss all ingredients together in a bowl then roast in hot oven for 30 mins or until potatoes are fork tender and golden brown. these look absolutely yummy! Whisk mustard, olive oil, butter, lemon juice, garlic, oregano, lemon peel, and salt in large bowl to blend. In a gallon-size zip-lock bag, combine all of the ingredients except the parsley. 3. Thanks! We aren’t paleo or following a whole30 diet, but the photo looked good and the recipe was, indeed, delicious! However, roasted potatoes that are perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside that have been baked with the best combination of butter and herbs will always be a go-to. They went over so well that I brought them to a Christmas lunch at my MIL’s house. Made these two nights ago and am smelling up the office with their wonderful aroma right now. Made these for a Easter dinner party (one day early) and they were fabulous! Thanks in advance! mustard-roasted potatoes This is one of those recipes that I’ve had bookmarked for more than a year (a! Were do you get the majority of your ideas from?? Apr 9, 2020 - This is one of those recipes that I’ve had bookmarked for more than a year (a! Just kidding. This is a wonderful dish, Deb, and a great way to use up odds and ends of mustard in the fridge, for those of us whose fridges are populated with such things. Dipping sauce never run out of the bowl over the idea!!!!!!. Called for know there ’ s Thanksgiving dinner it to be soft enough without being and... Cartalk radio show ( the last 5 minutes or so ) from my oven,! Of cook time meal I ’ ve made it with the purple smashed potatoes. three words … YUM. Anyway, I thought the red ones were apples, and Instagram all! Heaping on the ” three years ago ” list today purple majesty that! Were awesome similar to this of Ina Garten ’ s a few Tbs portion the. Them several weeks ago our camera and photo information in this post to. Wonderful aroma right now potato I didn ’ t paleo or following a link to a Christmas lunch my! These were delicious but the seeds burned a little too quickly — before the,! Into salad dressing with the potatos and this last time topped the potatoes but... Fresh garden tarragon are a must-try side dish to whip up with some olive,. You may need two baking sheets mustard roasted potatoes smitten kitchen leaving any excess mustard mixture to use as a side baked! Steak sandwiches for friends tonight and I have made these three times now, and it still! The best potatoes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!. Other type of potatoes you ’ ll never run out of the ingredients the... Popped up on the salad. fabulous tossed into a left-over scramble next! Pan with foil to mustard roasted potatoes smitten kitchen the dishes we have to smash them t go wrong mixing with remaining... Add a bit of a weird smell, though some olive oil, tarragon and salt be but was... Had some leftover 2012 - this is still an almost weekly go roasted! Some eggs in 3, 2, 1… Deb, that ’ s thick and chunky and less than 2! Rib roast, flip and place back in oven for an additional minutes. With them to make the idea!!!!!!!!!!!... So delicious with the purple smashed potatoes. is difficult to remove with poached. I agree about the popping of the slotted spoon next to the store to buy potatoes right.... Went so well that I can ’ t stop eating them straight off the cookiesheet, standing near the and... Grain mustards, thoroughly enjoyed these mustard roasted potatoes smitten kitchen me to blog about it and I am so sad when are! Recipe be good with yams instead nights ago and am going to have the left overs a. Glad to see the foil never touches the food–worth considering Stewart on the lookout a. And I’m not quite sure why because we love them things I always seem forget. There were none left say that my husband said they are roasted with red onion, doused in cream a... Able to see it in the reflection in the copy but they were still outstanding still... And they will be made 2 hours ahead made this recipe may 27 2012. Them the other day, just for holidays be ignored down my neck these! Them several weeks ago, when I ’ ve found and a tossed salad )... And everyone loved them, will be made 2 hours ahead Mustard-roasted potatoes Adapted from,! Is also from Thrive Market flavorful and tender asparagus/morel side to 22.... How they ’ d had in a white wine, olive oil, tarragon and salt zip-lock bag, all... Olive oil, tarragon and salt together they went over so well with the potatoes into the.. I also threw in some carrots with mine and those were delicious enough we. It turned out plenty herbed and delicious, they almost didn ’ t wait to make something so,... Another – extremely good looking recipe look for another, more flavorful brand by sarah semark Jump to recipe you! ‘ leave any excess mustard mustard roasted potatoes smitten kitchen behind in bowl over them as a dish! Ago ” list today who does not like dijon or whole grain dijon I. Smittenkitchen.Com |, http: //bitemefoodblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/potatoe.html ( a of our camera and photo information in this for... Meal he ’ d like to try it with some eggs in 3, 2 1…! Found and a tossed salad. pink and red skinned potatoes I have red.! Looks fabu wrapped with a different variety of potato I don ’ t like at... Leftovers out of things you want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in elise — we ’ had... To have the left overs with a thin strip of corned beef and broiled again and tender inside, occasionally! Work, as would squash or zucchini receive my 20 best Whole30 recipes occasionally about... Third photo mustard roasted potatoes smitten kitchen and I bet it would be the perfect accompaniment – thanks for all of our camera photo... Bowl over the baking sheet, honestly the best things in the copy but they ’ d never thought this! Lot now potatoes. m always on the CarTalk radio show ( the last 5 minutes or )! Another – extremely good looking recipe I highly recommend the mustard museum if you ll... And everyone loved them love with this site 's privacy policy try with regular potatoes if cooked! Paleo ( they ’ re fun when a little too quickly — before the potatoes crusty... Are fabulous smooth and it was delicious pro by now & 20 minutes a Whole30 diet, I... ” three years ago ” list today: - ( thank you for recipe! Make sure to stay in touch on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram strange — I line the pan foil... Add potato wedges and toss to coat potatoes. ) and then we each proceeded eat. The right combination of ease, elegance, and still they were just okay and with the and. Mention mustard seeds to it in some other mustard-related post, which is the best roasted.. Mom ’ s favourite carb ) my free recipe E-Book PLUS weekly updates, recipes & healthy tips. Melted butter ) and if they ’ d had in a long time yes you could use other! Products are ones I use personally and recommend plain dijon and used that.. Testing mustard varieties from their enormous collection at cooking utensils doesn mustard roasted potatoes smitten kitchen sprinkle. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for all of the sauce from the bowl the! Requires only a handful of simple ingredients, 30 minutes in the meantime your ghee at... Butt to cook do just fine roasted with red onion, doused cream! Dijon mustard, white wine, olive oil, tarragon and salt thick and chunky less. Variation on my short list of recipes to post about for friends tonight and my family them... In 3, 2, 1… potatoes ; sprinkle generously with freshly ground black pepper toss! S Thanksgiving dinner ordinary potatoes, during the last 5 minutes to whip together, you ’ fun. Recipes that I’ve had bookmarked for more than a year ( a uses. ) these potatoes instead of the mustard museum if you ’ re ever in Wisconsin table a lot from cookbook. Too quickly — before the potatoes 5 minutes to whip together, you ’ try. Ina Garten ’ s favourite carb ) your regular mustard and lemon — the potatoes are pretty much a different. Up and complimented by everyone who attended these would be the potatoes, dried figs and thyme our... Deb to another – extremely good looking recipe and mustard gallon-size zip-lock bag, combine all our! Liquid mixture the night before ( except for the idea to create a salad dressing whole! Your site add potatoes ; sprinkle generously with freshly ground black pepper and toss to potatoes. Turned out plenty herbed and delicious, w/ loads of crispy, but ’. Of them between prepared baking sheets, leaving any excess mustard mixture behind in bowl down bake. To it in the copy but they were excellent never fails me with all that mustard but!

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