Rotary tilling or spraying applications are examples of where SpeedMatch can be applied. diameter for maximum oil flow to implements, Single control lever (A) makes operation of loader or other implements fast and simple, SCV safety lock lever (B) allows the operator to control the type of SCV lever movement needed for a particular operation or situation, The SCV safety lock lever allows loader hydraulics to be locked out so boom and bucket will not drop if SCV lever is accidentally bumped, The SCV safety lock lever allows loader hydraulics to be locked out so bucket will not dump if SCV lever is accidentally bumped, Two light-emitting diode (LED) fender lights, Two LED rollover protective structure (ROPS) work lights (adjustable 360 degrees for forward or rear lighting), Live dashboard showing available tractor values, Richer mapping and work tracking statistics using tractor metric histogram, Automatic updates to engine hours for maintenance interval tracking, View active and stored diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), Last-known values for relevant information such as fuel level, Future app releases will be able to provide additional operating recommendations and notifications. This premium solution was developed using extensive customer research and validation, tools, and some of the most advanced design techniques available. Hydraulic Coupler Kit 2 - 0369LVBLV10090, Electric 3 Spool Diverter Kit (Cab and OOS) - 0369LVBLV10966, Electrohydraulic Third SCV Kit with Rear Tubing (Cab Only) - 0369LVBLV10763, Electrohydraulic Third SCV Kit with Rear Tubing (OOS Only) - 0369LVBLV10764, Load Center Assembly (Cab Only) - 0369LVBLV10457, Power Beyond Kit (Cab and OOS) - 0369LVBLV10969, Top and Tilt Field Kit (Cab Only) - 0369LVBLV10967, Top and Tilt Field Kit (OOS Only) - 0369LVBLV10965, Beacon Light Kit (Cab Only) - 0369LVLVB24852, Dual Light Forward Lighting Kit - 0369LVLVB25546, Open Station Work Light Brush Guard Kit - 0369LVBLV10399, Premium Warning Light Brush Guard Kit (OOS Only) - 0369LVBLV10620, Rear Work Light Kit (2 Lights) (Cab Only) - 0369LVLVB24853, Single Rear Auxiliary Rear Work Light Kit - 0369LVLVB25547, 7-Pin Trailer Connector (OOS Only) - 0369LVBLV10174, 7-Pin Trailer Connector Connector (Cab Only) - 0369LVBLV11095, SmartConnector - CAN to Bluetooth - 0369LVBXX10255, Air Seat Suspension Kit (OOS Only) - 0369LVBLV10379, Canopy Mounting Bracket and Hardware Kit - 0369LVLVB25332, Rear License Plate Kit (Includes Light) - 0369LVBLV10924, Weather Protection Umbrella - 0369LVTY25324, Rear Fender Extension Kit (Cab Only) - 0369LVBLV10892, 2 Speed Power Take-Off (PTO) Kit (Cab Only) - 0369LVBLV10832, 2 Speed Power Take-Off (PTO) Kit (OOS Only) - 0369LVBLV10385, John Deere Quik Knect™ PTO receiver - 0369LVBLV10953, Attaching Hardware for Starter Rear Wheel Weight, 110 lb (50 kg) - 0369LVBM19939, Attaching Hardware for Starter Rear Wheel Weight, 55 lb (25 kg) - 0369LVLVB25004, Attaching Hardware for Additional Rear Wheel Weight, 55 lb (25 kg) - 0369LVBM19937, Attaching Hardware for Rear Wheel Weight, 110 lb (50 kg) - 0369LVBM19940, Rear Wheel Weight, 48.5 lb - 0369LVBM17968, Weight, Rear Wheel 106 lb (48 kg) - 0369LVT19293, 13.60-28 (4PR, R1 Bar, 5 Position) - 0369LVBLV10871, 16.90-24 (6PR, R4 Industrial, 2 Position) Rear Wheels & Tires - 0369LVBLV10873, 22.50LLx16.1 (6PR, R3 Turf Special, 1 Position) Rear Wheels & Tires - 0369LVBLV10877, 44x18-20 (4PR, R3 Turf, 1 Position) Rear Wheels & Tires - 0369LVBLV10875, 3-Point Hitch Downforce Kit - 0369LVBLV10968, iMatch™ Quick Hitch Bushings - 0369LVLVU12858, iMatch™ Quick Hitch Bushings - 0369LVLVU15507, iMatch™ Quick-Hitch Category 1 with adjustable top hook - 0369LVLVB25976, iMatch™/Quik-Coupler Bushing Kit - 0369LVBW15056, Wheel Spacer Set, 140 mm (each side) - 0369LVBLV10029. Android™ version 5.1 or higher is compatible with the smart connector. These bushings allow the hooks on the iMatch and the pins on the implement to fit together properly. Inside diameter: 1.93-1.06 cm (0.76-0.77 in. Get in touch with Western Equipment today! There are three different types of filter cleaning processes: Passive filter cleaning occurs naturally when the engine is generating enough heat to oxidize particulate matter. Large selection of second-hand john-deere 4052r available here. Seat swivels 15 degrees in either direction. gal) fuel tank for ROPS version or 52.2 liters (13.8 US gal, 11.5 Imp. The safety interlock also prevents accidental shifting of the PTO selector lever at higher engine speeds than the economy PTO setting, which would lead to downtime to fix implements or drivetrains. Bushings of different lengths can be found in the parts system or through a bushing supplier (see dimensions below). The canopy attaches to the rollover protective structure (ROPS) to protect the operator from inclement weather. JOHN DEERE 3045R For Sale . The exhaust filter consists of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) which captures particulate matter (PM) contained in the exhaust gas. The new engine comes with an after treatment system. Rollover protective structure (ROPS) mounted LED work lights. Find operating system version availability in the mobile device’s app store. A safe and efficient way for operators to gain experience in a risk-free virtual environment. This kit contains one left-side and one right-side mirror with mounting hardware. 2017 JOHN DEERE, 4052R Tractors - 40 HP to 99 HP, Nice original low hour tractor with cab and loader with JD quick attach bucket. I purchased one last year and have been having a lot of problems with the tractor. Like passive filter cleaning, active filter cleaning requires no operator involvement, and there is no interruption to tractor operation. Wheel weights provide extra traction and stability by adding ballast to the rear wheels. The climate-control system makes any task more enjoyable whether on a frigid winter day or a hot summer day. Press button to active/deactivate LoadMatch. The rear wiper kit provides better rear visibility during inclement weather. These cookies do not store any personal information. Twin Touch™ foot controls allow the operator to select both directions of travel and speed with a touch of the toe.Key features of the eHydro transmission: Danfoss eHydro transmission is used for reliable operation. 1 2. My 4600 was a great tractor and gave me 17 years of great service. This adjustment increases efficiency and optimizes engine speed and torque output based on tractor application. Simulators. This 4-cylinder engine features lower levels of exhaust emissions and reduced noise levels. $45,499 US. JD 4052R with loader and 4N1 bucket. Danfoss® supplies both the pump and motor. It can be made Category 1 quick-hitch (iMatch™ hitch) compatible by adding BW15056 bushing kit. This ensures that the components are matched to each other, providing maximum efficiency. Used / On Lot. These lights provide extra visibility when working in dark conditions and have 180-degree rotation to face forward or backward. The forward-lighting kit provides extra visibility when working in dark conditions. The top of the beacon light is 8 in. Not compatible with LVB25547 rear work light kit (1023E). John Deere began producing the 4052R Compact Utility Tractor in 2014 as part of the 4R Series. Following attachments are available for the John Deere 4052R compact utility tractor: Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Recall date: October 31, 2019. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. I purchased one last year and have been having a lot of problems with the tractor. NOTE: The bushing set can be seen in the picture above. When SpeedMatch is activated, operator is able to set the desired maximum travel speed. SPECIFICATIONS & DETAILS. 2016 John Deere 4052R MFWD, 289 Hrs. This financing payment is based on a lease transaction. It can be located on the right-hand control panel for convenient access. In some instances where passive and active filter cleaning have not fully cleaned the PM from the system, a parked filter cleaning may need to take place. I was wondering if I could get some feed back on John Deere's 4052R tractor. MotionMatch - longer accelerate and decelerate distances. See ordering information below. Click here to chat now! This provides the operator with comfort and convenience as well as fuel economy. John Deere. This premium solution was developed using extensive customer research and validation, tools, and some of the most advanced design techniques available. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The John Deere 4052R is a 4WD compact utility tractor from the 4M series. A 4-post ROPS design, carefully laid-out interior, and fuel tank located under the left rear side of the operator's platform provide a full 360 degrees of visibility: Operators are well-protected from the elements with a high-performance climate-control system providing heating and air conditioning. Compact Utility Tractor. The JD 4052R is equipped with power steering, hydraulic wet disc brakes, two-post folding ROPS, or cab with air-conditioning (optional), and 49.2 liters (13 US gal. A conveniently located lever (behind the seat of the tractor) allows the operator to simply change between 540 and 540E when conditions merit the opportunity to save fuel without affecting performance. Monthly lease payments of CAD $691.62 pretax for 60 months at an annual percentage rate of 9.94%. JOHN DEERE Equipment. Contains two sets of rear-mounted couplers, hydraulic lines and control levers, Provides continuous flow (on fifth valve) functionality for operating motor driven attachments such as a hydraulic broom, Contains a diverter valve, electric diverter switch, hydraulic lines and three sets of SCV couplers, It allows the hydraulic oil to be diverted from either the front or rear couplers, as desired, Contains rear-mounted couplers and hoses to access pressurized oil at the rear of the tractor; the kit will be used for operations such as backhoe or log splitters, Couplers are 12.7-mm (1/2-in.) It meets EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4) emission standards. In all other cases, the exhaust will be routed through the downward exhaust outlet. NOTE: It is recommended to install optional engine coolant heater, transmission oil heater, and battery heating pad (A22400P - ordered through A and I) if operating machine in temperatures below -18 ⁰C (0⁰F). Find John Deere 4052R for sale on Machinio. $20.77 $ 20. Extension kit includes extension bracket, hardware, rod, and pins. Skip to Top Navigation Skip to Header Skip to Category Navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer. The operator's station is designed for easy entry and exit from the tractor.Conveniently placed brake pedals, as well as repositioned operator controls, provide for a clean and flat platform design giving the operator plenty of legroom. Press button to resume set cruise speed, or to increase cruise/set max speed. The 540 economy is ideal for any PTO application, from running a mower to a baler or a cutter, where full horsepower is not needed. Seat suspension is adjustable for the operator's weight and height. Don’t do that with a metal hood. All these features are standard on the 4M Heavy Duty and 4R models and deliver customers an easier and more comfortable experience. NOTE: *As compared to engines not using CRS technology. on New John Deere Sub‑Compact and Compact Tractors with the purchase of 2 or more John Deere or Frontier implements. Search our parts catalog, order parts online or contact your John Deere dealer. Press a button to activate/deactivate eThrottle. Improved HVAC system with larger capacity condenser cools the cab faster in a hot climate. Used John Deere tractors for sale in Maine, USA. Hours. This tractor has been manufactured by John Deere in Augusta, Georgia, USA since 2014. ), Inside diameter: 2.24 to 2.26 cm (0.88 to 0.89 in. This engine produced 52.2 PS (38.4 kW; 51.5 HP) at 2,600 rpm of output power. The kit does not include an actual seat, but rather the suspension kit replaces the mechanical standard suspension on the existing seat. How tough? Operators will enjoy a commanding view no matter what task is being performed. John Deere has addressed this issue with the iMatch Quick-Hitch. John Deere is a very well-known brand in the agricultural sector because of its long, rich history with steel plows. This automatic process occurs continuously during normal operating conditions. Export to Excel. Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. A bushing kit is required for the ballast box to be used with the iMatch™ Quick Hitch. PTO applications require less engine speed fluctuation, therefore adjusting the amount of droop depending on PTO speed. Using a natural cleaning process, most of the PM trapped in the exhaust filter is eliminated by the heat of the exhaust stream generated by normal use. In situations of low temperature, engine speed or load factor, an active cleaning cycle is initiated. When LoadMatch is activated, engine will not stall during heavy load applications. 4.5 out of 5 stars 10. Training & Reference Guides. NOTE: Requires BLV10400 warning light brush guard kit and LVB26026 light kit harness. Hydraulic Coupler Kit 1 - 0369LVBLV10990, Aux. Detailed setup instructions are included and are also available via the TractorPlus app. Close Select listings to compare them. John Deere ComfortGard cab tractors are the most comfortable, quiet, and easy-to-use cab tractors available. Menu Links; Home; About Us; Contact Us; My Account; My Cart ; Order Online or Call Toll Free: 888-432-6319 Call Us. 4052R. Each kit contains two lights. Close. An optional, newly designed front 3-point hitch is available for quick hookup of 3-point hitch front implements (non PTO driven implements). Press button to activate/deactivate SpeedMatch.

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